19 Apr

How to Find the Best Family Immigration Lawyers USA when Trump is President

Now that Trump will be President, hiring the best immigration lawyers USA is extremely important. It is different that hiring any other type of lawyer. This is because your attorney will not only perform important legal services for you, but also because you will need to learn how to navigate government agencies. Hopefully, the process of finding the right immigration lawyer will go smooth for you. The same is true if you are hiring a family immigration lawyer.

Finding the right family immigration lawyer USA for your immigration case is something you need to devote a reasonable amount of time and effort. You should consider putting together a list of the best immigration lawyers, whose names you have received from friends, family, etc. Next, you will want to make an appointment to meet each of them and ask the right questions. One of the most important questions “can you work within my budget?” How much a lawyer charges is an important factor in whom you hire. Some lawyers will charge for consultations, some will not.

At your consultation, ask your family immigration lawyer USA about the fees you will pay for your immigration attorney’s services. Ask if the fees are hourly, a flat fee, and what the rates will be. Never assume that the most expensive lawyer is the best one. Also never assume that the least expensive immigration attorney is the worst one. At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable with the fees you are paying for the best immigration lawyers possible.

Your family immigration lawyer USA should specialize in many areas. Do not assume that the best immigration lawyers who helped your friend obtain political asylum are ready to help you get an H-1B Visa. You need to be specific about what you need. Some very practical questions you should consider asking are:

  • How long do you expect my case to take, and why?
  • What type of immigration cases do you specialize in and have the most experience in?
  • How many cases of this type did you handle this year? What was the usual outcome?

Finally, you must feel that the best immigration lawyers USA for you do a good job explaining your case and communicating with you. Be realistic and ask what is the best time you should call their office. Ask if they return calls after hours or on the weekend. You must understand that a good immigration lawyer will have many cases, including yours. Therefore, do not assume that if your immigration lawyer does not call you back immediately that they are not working your case. A respectful relationship and understanding between you and your immigration attorney is essential.

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