Government Relations

As one of the most reliable and reputable government affairs firms, CIMA Law Group focuses on results. We also have a team of government relations attorneys that provide effective, comprehensive strategic advice and advocacy. Led by Louie A. Lujan and Ayensa I. Millan, our team takes a personal approach to government relations. Each client is given individual attention to develop the right strategy for achieving your goals.

Whether it is business development, lobbying, legal representation, or strategic consulting, the CIMA government relations attorneys and team bring experience, trust, respect and confidence. With over 30 years of combined experience in government and law, we will remain focused, work hard, and earn your respect.

Our government relations attorneys and team have experience in navigating through government agencies, connecting with decision makers and influencing legislation to help clients in achieving the ROI they seek. As one of the most trusted and reliable government affairs firms, we focus on client satisfaction and provide precise solutions. We draft legislation on behalf of our clients who are looking for ways to do business with government agencies. We lobby against legislation that is counterproductive to our client’s business interests. Along the way, we manage the process, and provide legal guidance if necessary. This type of strategic planning is at the core of the CIMA approach.

Staff Contacts

Louie A. Lujan

Director of Government Relations
Senior Lobbyist

Ayensa I. Millan

Managing Attorney
Senior Lobbyist