13 Dec

Family Based Immigration Attorney is Different from Others

Just like doctors and engineers, lawyers too have to choose a specific field of practice. There are separate learning and knowledge programs that they may have to undergo for different law branches. For example, a family based immigration attorney may have separate learning exposure. They must acquire knowledge of the immigration law and its procedure along with immigration related jargons and keywords.

Family Based Immigration Attorney

There are indeed different kinds of lawyers and attorney who specialises and practice different departments of law. Here are some of its types listed below.

  • Criminal Lawyer:

    People who are charged under or have undergone some criminal activity, to put their argument forward and the job to bring justice to them is a responsibility of the criminal lawyer. These types of lawyer handle crimes like murders, theft etc.

  • Personal Injury Lawyer:

    A personal injury attorney in Phoenix AZ may represent cases where someone has suffered some personal injuries due to some accidents or negligence. They demand justice for the effected party in the form of compensation from the party who caused it.

  • Immigration lawyer:

    As the name suggests that, they handle all the immigration cases. Situations where someone is denied citizenship, or a green card. Furthermore, they may help their client with family and immigration assistance also where their client wants to shift the base of their family.

  • DUI lawyer:

    DUI stands for driving under the influence, it can be anything alcohol, drugs etc. Arizona Dui lawyer comes into picture when their suffered a road injury because the other person was DUI.

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