Auto Accidents Attorneys

Help! I’ve Been In A Car Accident; Do I Really Need To Contact An Injury Attorney Near Me?

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for 2013, 32,719 people died and 2,313,000 were injured in traffic collisions in the U.S. in a single recent year. Nationally, on average, 90 people were killed and 6,337 were injured every day in motor vehicle accidents that year. In Arizona alone, there were 103,423 car accidents. With the rate of accidents so high it lends the question: when is the right time to contact an Auto Accidents Attorney near me?

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Arizona, it may be in your best interest to contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Phoenix. Their years practice can give you a ray of hope to cover all the damages you have lost in that accident and provide you relevant compensation that you deserve in the eye of law. Finding the right personal injury law firm is critical. Let CIMA Law Group do all of the work for you. Contact us today.

Here are some general guidelines of when you should get the right Phoenix car accident attorney involved:

Contact an attorney if:

  • You (or others) have been seriously injured in the car accident and as a result now have extensive medical bills
  • Fault is clearly an issue
  • The collision occurred in a construction zone, school zone, or other protected area
  • You have no insurance or are underinsured
  • Your insurer starts “acting strange”

Consider contacting an attorney if:

  • You need advice on the settlement value of a claim
  • If you are questioning if your insurer is looking out for your best interests
  • You are unsure of how to handle negotiations with the insurer
  • Need help with the paperwork (especially when dealing with language translations)

In case you have charged for any accident, there are certain precautionary steps you have to take immediately to protect yourself from instant arrest. For that, you need to search for the right “injury attorney near me”. Contacting an experienced personal injury law firm can save you time, money and the hassle of dealing with insurers. Prioritize contacting an attorney as the longer you wait the more issues you may run into with your insurer. CIMA Law Group handles a broad variety of personal injury cases. These cases are most commonly associated with car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites and premise liability cases. We excel in finding and recovering insurance proceeds and serve personal injury clients in Phoenix and across the state of Arizona.

If you are unsure about any part of the insurance process after a car accident or are worried about wrongfully assigned fault, one of our experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys will be able to walk you through your unique situation and assist you in getting the damages you deserve. Contact the best Phoenix car accident attorneys at CIMA Law Group today.

In most injury cases it is important to have a practiced lawyer examine all of the potential insurance sources that may provide coverage to you as a result of your accident. Despite having the assistance of an attorney, it is absolutely not justifiable to waste the time in thinking whether you should go for it or not. This is your life so if you value it then you have to fight for yourself by hiring a lawyer on your behalf. Given all the issues that may be involved in handling injury claims, it is very important to consider having any type of injury claim reviewed by an accident and personal injury attorney.

There are many goals when it comes to a personal injury claim or lawsuit, but arguably one of the most important, right after getting the medical assistance you need, is gaining maximum financial compensation. While some Phoenix injury accident law firms are content to settle quickly, our law firm is willing to do whatever it takes to pursue maximum financial compensation for your injuries.