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CIMA Law Group’s Government Relations team focuses on results. Led by Louie A. Lujan and Ayensa I. Millan, the team takes a personal approach to government relations. Each client is given individual attention to develop the right strategy for achieving your goals.

Whether it is business development, lobbying, legal representation, or strategic consulting, The CIMA Government Relations team brings experience, trust, respect and confidence. With over 30 years of combined experience in government and law, we will remained focused, work hard, and earn your respect.

Services Provided

The CIMA Government Relations team specializes in Business Development, State and Local Lobbying, Strategic Planning, and providing Legal Guidance. Our experience in navigating through government agencies, connecting with decision makers, and influencing legislation helps our clients achieve the ROI they seek. Our team drafts legislation on behalf of clients seeking to do business with government agencies. We lobby against legislation that is counterproductive to our client’s business interests. Along the way, we manage the process, and provide legal guidance if necessary. This type of strategic planning is at the core of the CIMA approach.

How business success relates to government relations success.

Business Development

We understand that businesses today are faced with issues, concerns and opportunities that can be significantly impacted by changing government decisions. We personally work with our clients to identify opportunities, understand, comply with, and influence laws critical to their economic success. We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Local Ordinances;
  • RFPs/Procurement;
  • State and Federal Legislation;
  • Legislative Training;
  • Policy Research;
  • Government Sales Training;
  • Meeting with Government Officials;
  • Tradeshow Assistance;
  • Navigating Government Agencies;
  • Marketing;
  • Project Management;
  • Negotiations.

State and Local Lobbying

Successful, professional lobbying is critical to our clients’ success. Utilizing our relationships within state, local and federal government, we strategically influence legislation and policies toward desired outcomes. Our strategy is surgical and focused. It involves 1) Aligning and assessing needs with the political environment; 2) Creating a roadmap to success and calculating the best path to our desired goal; and 3) Implementing and managing the process.

We aim to shape legislation and policies in order to open markets and create business opportunities for our clients. We also defend against legislation and regulatory initiatives that not in our client’s interests. We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Lobbying Elected Officials;
  • Customized Lobbying Strategies;
  • Ethics and Compliance Rules;
  • Drafting Legislation, Regulations and Amendments;
  • Analyzing Legislation, Regulations and Policies;
  • Developing Relationships with Elected Officials and Staff;
  • Testifying at Council Meetings and Hearings;
  • Providing Updates and Reports on Legislative and Political Developments;
  • Ensuring compliance with state political laws and regulations.

Strategic Planning

An underlying premise of government relations is that there exists the ability to influence government. This concept is the foundation for our strategic plans that we develop for our clients. Business is influenced by state, local, and federal policies; and it is ever more important to provide an effective strategy with an influential voice toward government. Our strategic plans bring the practice of government relations into alignment with our client’s desired outcomes. Our strategic plans are customized and include the following:

  • Good Government Relations Tactics;
  • Defining “Government Relations Success”;
  • Critical Success Factors for Government Relations;
  • Formal and Informal Government Relations Approaches;
  • Industry Trends and Expectations;
  • Industry Related Policy Research;
  • Measuring Government Relations Success;
  • Aligning Methodology with Business Goals;
  • Strategic Partnerships;
  • Delivering on Strategic Priorities.

Legal Guidance

CIMA Law group offers legal guidance on a wide range of political, corporate and nonprofit issues. Businesses are affected by every aspect of local, state, and federal laws. Our clients can be impacted significantly by changing government regulation and legislation. The ability to understand, comply with and influence law is critical to business success, public perception and market growth. Business leaders, political candidates, political action and fund raising committees and government officials also need legal guidance on rapidly changing law. We offer legal guidance in the following areas:

  • Licensing;
  • Zoning Codes;
  • Code Enforcement Compliance;
  • Ordinance compliance;
  • Campaign Finance Compliance;
  • Government Ethics Codes;
  • Political Law;
  • Election Law;
  • Petitions, Ballots, Electioneering;
  • Land use Restrictions;
  • Government Contracts and Procurement;
  • Political Corruption;
  • Government investigations;
  • PAC Formation;
  • Lobbying Laws;
  • Conflict of Interest Laws.

Staff Contacts

Louie A. Lujan

Director of Government Relations
Senior Lobbyist

Ayensa I. Millan

Managing Attorney
Senior Lobbyist